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I am often asked, “When is the best time to buy or sell?”

Most people think it’s the spring market and for a good reason. There is always heightened activity when the weather turns nice, or people are trying to be in that next home before school starts. Valid reasons for sure.

But when people ask me when the best time to sell is, I usually say this:

Unless you have a compelling reason to sell now—like job transfer—health issue—or life change (like marriage or divorce)—I think the best time to sell is when your property is ready to show at its best, and you have little to no competition. That could be now, and I would be able to give market data to support that, but later might be better. I would then watch the market diligently, with your property in mind, and give you a heads up when the time is right!

When people ask me when the best time to buy is, I usually say this:

If you are asking the question, you’re probably ready right now. Having said that, I would put all my energy and experience toward negotiating the best deal possible for you, and making sure you are 100% ready to pull the trigger on the right property!

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