Home Sell?

Thinking of selling your Ashburn home?

Here is what you can expect by making a no-cost or obligation appointment:

  1. First, I’d like to come for a brief preview of your home. I have been selling real estate in Ashburn for many years, and even though I may be familiar with every model, every street, and every neighborhood, experience has shown me that EVERY SINGLE HOUSE IS UNIQUE and I want to see yours.

  2. Once I have seen your property, I will be able to prepare an estimate of YOUR market value, and make suggestions about lowest cost improvements (if any) that can help net you the highest price in the least amount of time. I will also walk you through the entire process.

  3. You will receive a written schedule, based on your needs and expectations, that shows the timelines for all activities needed to get your house on the market and under contract.

  4. You’ve probably heard about staging your house for sale, right? Staging really does help sell your house for the highest price in the shortest amount of time! That’s why I offer all of my listing clients a complimentary staging consultation.

  5. Other factors for consideration:
  • Do you also want to buy a house? No problem! I can orchestrate the two transactions for minimal risk and stress. Visit the BUY? Section of my website for more info on buying.

  • Will your employer help with a relocation package? No problem! I have a lot of experience with “relos.”

  • Do you owe more than market value? I have resources available to help navigate home sales when they are “under water.”

  • Special circumstances like divorce, health or mobility issues, time constraints, etc.? Let’s talk and see how I can help.

Give me a call! We already have a lot in common! You want to sell your Ashburn home and so do I!